Ambler Food Co-op Upcoming Events

Come find out more about the Ambler Food Co-op at our First Membership Meeting and at our table at these events!

Ambler Food Co-op’s First Membership Meeting
Food and Future on Tap for Members and the Public
St Anthony’s Church, Fellowship Hall, 259 Forest Ave, Ambler
Tuesday, April 22, 2014 at 6:30pm

We will have an update, an open dialogue on our future, food and fun for the kids!

Please RSVP

YMCA Healthy Kids Day
Ambler YMCA
Saturday, April 26th
10am – 2pm
For more information click here

Ambler Music Open House
310 E. Butler Ave., Ambler, PA 19002
Saturday April 26th
1pm – 5pm

Robbins Park Spring Fling
1419 E. Butler Pk Ambler PA 19002
Sunday April 27th
1pm – 4 pm
for more information click here

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Step Up – Ambler Food Co-op Is Accepting Members!

We are excited to announce that your community marketplace, the Ambler Food Co-op, is now accepting membership enrollments! No longer taking membership pledges, we are pleased to announce that we are now accepting full-fledged voting members from this point forward.

This is a big step for us as we seek to open and operate a community-owned full-service grocery store in Ambler.

Join today so that we can all move closer to fulfilling our mission “to create and sustain a member owned market that nourishes the community by offering locally-sourced food and products, bettering the physical, social and economic strength of the people in Ambler and in the surrounding communities.”

Every new member puts us one step closer to opening our doors, so join us today!

Click here for further details and a membership enrollment form.  Please contact us with any questions.

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Marc BrownGold on Supporting Co-ops in Your Community

At our last community meeting, we had the pleasure of hearing from Marc BrownGold, General Manager at Swarthmore Co-op. Here is an excerpt from his moving speech that captures some of the reasons why community members in Ambler are committed to starting a full-service, cooperative grocery market in Ambler, and why it involves and impacts our local community:

What’s the connection between the broken food system and supporting a Co-op in your community?

Healthy foods free of pesticides, hormones, antibiotics are the rule and not the exception [at Swarthmore Co-op]. As a member of a food co-op you are supporting your local farmers. The question I get a lot from future members is “what do I ‘get’ if I join the co-op?” I remind them that it is not what you get but what you give to your community that makes a co-op membership. You give a local farmer the chance to sell all of his produce to a single place so he can use less fuel and less time in the process. He or she can FARM! You give the planet a chance to heal from unsustainable practices that growers of monoculture are using. You give members of your community a place to meet, chat, see a movie, take a cooking or dance class, have a great place to meet—all around this delicious food. You give 30 or 40 members of your community a great paying job with benefits—all centered on delicious healthy food.

I remember having a conversation about the food movement—slow food, organic food, non-GMO food—and talking about whether the movement would work if not for the great taste of the food. The truth is that the people involved in the food movement are more inclined to make a great tasting product, raise a great tasting product, and grow a great tasting product. They take stock in how their particular food item not only tastes, but how it affects the environment, how his/her workers should be treated, how his/her product may or may not be accessible to all.

I am happy to tell you more about the Co-op and how it has had an incredible effect on me, and I am sure that the people that I work with would be happy to do the same. We do not just come to work every day—we feel that we and the community are united around food and how it creates community.

Marc Brown Gold

Marc BrownGold at the Swarthmore Co-op

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A Great Day at the Ambler Parade!

Thank you to our supporters for marching in this year’s Ambler Parade! Marchers had a great time, handing out magnets and stickers to the crowd and pulling chickens and a beehive as a way to show that we hope to support local farmers in our cooperatively-owned grocery market!

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Ambler Food Co-op Founders Club

The food co-op, recognizing the importance of financial participation of its member-owners, is pleased to announce The Founders Club.

When we reach our goal of 400 and start collecting member-owner equity payments, the first 400 who pay their member equity in full will be in our Founder’s Club.

Additionally, we will be offering these pioneering shareholders a discount. You can take an additional 10% off your membership fee. That’ll be $360.00. However, this discount is voluntary and you may donate back the $40.00 if you feel strongly about giving the co-op additional financial support.

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Don’t Miss Our Next Community Meeting Wednesday, October 23rd

Our progress in the last six months has been exciting! We have an awesome group of volunteers working to get Ambler’s grocery co-op up and running.  All of our committees have been busily working since our last meeting.  Thanks to our Membership, Outreach and Volunteers committee, we’ve had a booth at 27 area events since then. That’s on top of everything else we are doing behind the scenes. And, we are only 60 pledged members away from starting our capital campaign!

Special Guest Speaker: Marc Brown Gold, General Manger of the Swarthmore Co-op.

WHERE: AMBLER THEATER, 108 East Butler Avenue, Ambler, PA 19002

WHEN: WEDNESDAY, OCTOBER 23, 2013, 6:30-8:00 PM

We will use this meeting to:

Answer newcomers’ questions about who and what we are.
Catch up with everyone and see what you’re thinking.
Get updates from our committees.
Talk about what’s next.

We are looking to fortify our volunteer ranks in order to make this process go more quickly. “Many hands make light work.” We will go over specifically what we are looking for at the meeting. The faster we get members, the better off we are financially and the closer we are to beginning our next steps including: finding a General Manager and choosing a location.

Let us know if you’re coming!  Click here to RSVP!  We’re looking forward to seeing you there!

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Volunteer Orientation

New volunteer Ryan Helzerman says, “I got a lot out of the first Volunteer Orientation. Now, I’m ready to dig in and help out.”

Come to the second Volunteer Orientation to find out how to explain how a co-op is fundamentally different from other retail stores. Learn about what has been decided on and how much MORE there is for our members to decide on, for instance what the store offers and how it is going to be run. This is democracy on a local scale. Come get involved!

October 1st at 6:30 pm we will all be meeting at Total Performance Automotive at 283 N Main St, Ambler, PA 19002. Please note that this is a one-way street at this northern end of Main Street, which you can only enter from Mount Pleasant Ave. You can Park across the street at Enie’s Tire.

There will be yummy food offered-prepared by many of our current committee members! So, come hungry!

Click here for more details and to RSVP

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