Ambler Food Co-op Board of Directors

The first Ambler Food Co-op Board of Directors were installed in December 2013. The Directors are responsible for overseeing the organization and directing committees through the tasks and goals of the co-op.

Kathleen Casey – President
Estelle Dolan – Vice President
Richard Gross – Treasurer
Joan Patton – Secretary
Anita Behrman – Director
Carly Chelder – Director
Bernadette Dougherty – Director
Jacquis Duris – Director
Cathie Healey – Director

Ambler Food Co-op Committees

Since January 25, 2012 community members have come together and organized to form committees that meet regularly, plan and oversee the co-op’s activities. In addition to the officers, there are several dozen other folks who are members of these committees and are offering their time and talents to the Ambler Food Co-op project.  To learn more about joining a committee, email

Membership Committee – Cathie Healey, Chair

  • Maintains database of contacts and members
  • Works with Finance committee to accept and track membership equity payments.
  • Works with the Board on overall membership organizing plans and their implementation.

Outreach and Volunteer Committee – Carly Chelder, Chair

  • Finds events where Ambler Food Co-op can participate and get exposure in the local community.
  • Coordinates with local organizations and businesses to gain exposure.
  • Oversees set-up at tabling events and ensures volunteers are lined up to help.
  • Sets up and monitors volunteer activities.

Finance/Legal Committee – Mike Crusi, Chair

  • Oversees the finances of the organization
  • Researches and advises the Board on legal matters pertaining to the organization

Communications Committee - Anita Behrman, Chair

  • Responsible for all communications including print materials, press releases, articles, website updates, and internet posts.

Real Estate Committee – Bernadette Dougherty and Jacquie Duris, Chairs

  • Research the market of leased and for sale properties
  • Field inquiries relating to real estate

Grant Committee – Carly Chelder and Kathleen Casey, Chairs

  • Seeks out and applies for grants for the organization

Business Outreach – Bernadette Dougherty, Chair

  • Inform local business owners about AFC and ask for their support

  • Seek member discounts as appropriate

Strategic Planning – Mike Crusi, Richard Gross, Joan Patton, Kathleen Casey

  • Plans the major milestones that AFC needs to reach before the store’s opening
  • Constructs timelines for reaching each of these milestones.